Lavender cookies

Good day people!

So here is my rendition of Lavender shortbread cookies.


I made these about 2 weeks ago, but it has been so busy since then. We will get to the why shortly.

Firstly,  here is the cookie recipe.
Small amount:
80 ml butter
50 ml castor sugar
80 g cake flour
40 g maizina/corn flour
Dash of salt
2 sprigs of lavender flowers,  finely chopped

Big amount:
250 ml butter
150 ml castor sugar
250 g cake flour
125 g corn flour
1 ml salt
6 lavender springs, chopped finely

1. Put your oven on 160′C
2. Mix the butter and sugar
3. Sift all the dry ingredients together 3 times before adding to the butter mix
4. Add the lavender and mix all the ingredients into a soft ball.
5. Roll the dough out to about 3mm thickness. Punch round forms or any form you wish.
6. Place cookie forms on a baking try with baking paper on
7. Bake for 20 minutes until baked through. Do not bake until brown
8. Let the cookies cool off and roll in castor sugar. Place in airtight cake holder.

I have not made this cookies since school,  but I loved them then and could not wait to make them again. I think I did something wrong though,  because they were a bit harder than shortbread biscuits should be.

Now to the reason for being so busy. Firstly a new family addition and secondly work.

My best friends had their baby last week Tuesday, a month to early. She had to go in for an emergency c – section, if that is the right word. Their was complications and little boy Ayden had to come earlier than expected. All is well now. It is a week later and he is doing much better than we all expected.
Mommy is out of the hospital and Ayden should be out in a week or 2.

At work it has been busy,  but great as always. I am very lucky to say that I have a great job and enjoy every moment of it.
The guesthouse and restaurant owners are away for 2 weeks so me and sis are looking after everything. This means I get to bake! Lots of baking!
We have  5 desserts on our menu. A carrot cake, amarula chocolate mousse tart, baked cheese cake,  cremé brûleé and banoffee pie. Every now and then we will spice it up with a extra flavour or a extra dessert.
I enjoyed it so much to wisk away and bake to my hearts content. It just inspires me more to do more baking and cooking at home.

I will sign off now.
Hopw you all enjoy your day!
If maybe you make the cookies, please let me know how it goes.


Follow up on the Custard Cookies

Hey people.

Herewith the measurements for the cookies:
125 g of butter or margarine
100 ml icing sugar
50 ml custard powder
1 ml vanilla essence
250 ml cake flour

I use margarine instead of butter and with the Custard powder my hand slipped a bit, but I like the Custard taste, so that’s fine for me.

Next batch I make, I want to add some things, experiment a little bit. I will let you know how it goes.

My next baking spree though,  will be Lavender Shortbread Cakes. Just need to get the lavender.

Have a great evening/day, depends where you find yourself.

Custard biscuits


My ingredients together with my cooking partner


Mix butter, custard powder and icing sugar.


Add vanilla extract


Add cake flour


Mix into a tight ball


Press into a creased pan


Punch some holes in the dough with a fork


Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C and voilà! Let it cool of before you cut it into blocks.
There you have it, the end result of a bored girl with a craving for custard cookies

Hello world out there

So it has been over a year since my last post. Why I do not know. I always seem to think that I have this wonderful idee and would post it as soon as possible, but it seems to go into hiding once I have a chance. There, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
So to begin again; Hi , how are you doing? Its been a while hey?
I decided my coming back post will be about poached eggs,  or sort of poached eggs. Here is why:


That is 3 eggs by the way.

I had to learn to make poached eggs for the guest house. Wait, lets back up a bit. I am now working shifts with sus so every second morning I have to help with breakfast. We have some American guests staying with us and they just love to order poached eggs. One morning the other chef was off sick and I had to make the eggs. Ahhhhhh! So hence me learning to make the dreaded Poached Egg(insert scary music here) I actually think my very first attempt was better than the past 3 times I did it at home to learn.


After that first time, I came home and searched every video and clip about poaching eggs.
I learned you have to let the water boil slightly and make a whirlpool and using a small bowl, slowly slide the egg into the whirlpool. You must also add vinegar and a little bit of salt before adding the egg.
So that said, I made poached eggs, and thought it a bit overrated, although much healthier. The first time I ate a poached egg, I felt like Amy Adams in Julie and Julia when she ate a egg for the first time.

Well enough about eggs now, there is only so much you can say about them.

Just to catch you up a bit, me and sus moved out of the house, sus works with me now at the guest house and restaurant. We moved for the second time last year April into a flat. The people in the main house is just awesome. What a bonus! They are a lovely couble about our age and Simone is now pregnant with their first child, due in May. We have become great friends and could not be any more lucky to have them.
We also got a cat last year, just after we moved in. Riaan, Simie’s husband, came home from work with 3 baby kittens, eyes still closed.


We raised them with a bottle and milk formula. Unfortunately one of the kittens did not make it. We now have one and Simie and Riaan have one. Here is Luna, our baby




Yes, very spoilt,  but we just love her so much.
Next, I got a new car!!!



Just so cute and sassy!
Well I wont bore you any longer, whoever you are out there. If someone is reading this.
I will try my utter best to post more often,  even for just a quick hello.
Good night people in cyber space!

Fun, Sadness and a New Year

Good day fellow bloggers!

Happy 2012!!!!!!

Well it’s been some time since I have posted. I missed it a lot and there where so many times I had ideas and wanted to post, but then I got busy or just didn’t want to anymore.

Not much have changed in the last few months. I still love my job and enjoy it more every day.

Isn't by boss talented!!!

And I still miss my dad like crazy, especially over the Christmas holidays. It has been seven months now since he is gone and everyday is still as bad as the first. The past few days have been a rollercoaster ride, with a lot of laughter and a lot of tears and sadness.

sis playing with nephew Dian

We had a family get together with my father’s brothers and his mother and the nephews and nieces, opened presents and baked cupcakes and went shopping. So it was fun and a very nice time. We also had some moments of tears where the longing of my dad got too much. He was, in my opinion, the live of the party. He used to be the one you would hear from the kitchen laughing outside. He was the one doing most of the braai work, keeping everyone happy and making you laugh. I really missed his laugh and being able to go to him and get a nice big hug from him. But at least 2 of the 4 “first” is over. Now it just my moms and my birthday in January that still lay ahead.

So, moving on to happier things. December was full of new and fun adventures. We went to a Dairy Farm and Farm Market, so much fun.

house on dairy farm

cow eating sis :)

fun times

On Christmas Eve we opened presents at home and the 3 of us just had a nice quiet evening after going for a drive to look at the houses made up with Christmas lights. The Christmas lunch with the family was a lot of fun, especially when they started swimming, and we ate so much food I thought my tummy might burst.

fun in the sun

I got this lovely cupcake stand from my mom and the cutes apron and it made me just wanna bake away! So I made cupcakes for the fun.

jip, lots of fun

Me and sis hit the shops and watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which was real nice. Oh and me, mom and sis had tattoos done about a 2 weeks ago.

sister's tattoo on her wrist

mom's tattoo on her shoulder

my tattoo on my shoulder right after it was done

all healed up

Just loving it!! I also had a second ear-piercing done and it is still a little sore, I think I might rather go for another tattoo that do a piercing again.

Here are some pics about the cupcakes.

what ya think huh, yummy?

I made some rainbow cupcakes, and some I just colored the batter with food coloring.

coulored batter

rainbow cupcakes my style

I had a vanilla muffin ready mix and baked it and decorated it.

plain vanilla, so yummy

I will put up the recipe later; I just need to perfect it a little more, the recipe I used came out a little dry and I like a cupcake to be moist.

We received a belated Christmas present.

2 days old

sleeping next to my teddy,Cupcake

His mum unfortunately passed away giving birth to him; he was the first and only puppy born, and very lucky to have survived. We named him Benji. He is now 5 days old now and just getting sweeter and cuter by the day. We have to feed him with a bottle and baby pup formula and make this cute noise when he gets hungry and the sweetest ever: he is ticklish.

So onto current time, Happy New Year!!!

I truly hope this year will be a good prosperous year and that all your dreams come true. For me, I just hope and wish that this year will be blessed with me and my family staying together. My greatest fear is losing my mom or sister too; I won’t be able to make it without them. They have been my rock these past few months, the only thing keeping me sane and together. I love them so much and would do anything for them. So here is to hoping that this year is going to have more happy moments and memories that sad ones and that we as a family will only grow stronger.

Lastly I just want to thank each and every one of you that read my blog, commented and inspired me to right again. A special thanks to those who gave me support and some guidance when I needed it the most. I love you all!

Love, Leandri

Still missing you…

So I’ve heard there is 7 stages you go through when you experience the death of someone close to you.
1. Shock and denial
2. Pain and guilt
3. Anger and bargaining
4.”Depression”, reflection and loneliness
5. The upward turn
6. Reconstruction and working through
7. Acceptance and hope
Here is a site I found explaining it.
I don’t know which one I’m in yet, I’m still trying to even come to terms with it. Maybe that puts me in stage one. But then I’m screwed, because I’m also in stages 2 and 3, and the loneliness part of stage 4. I don’t know what stage 5 means, don’t feel like doing stage 6 and I sure as hell am a far way from stage 7. Anyone out there with the answer, stop hiding and come out and tell me so I can stop thinking please!
I know I’m not the first and I won’t be the last, I just want to know freaking WHY!!!!!
My dad  was a wonderful man! A wonderful father! A wonderful husband! He worked hard, was loving and friendly, always gave his best and 10 times more. He gave the guy alongside the road a lift, went to church, tipped the waiter and loved animals. So why him?
It hurts so much to see my mom and sis hurting. I wish I could take away the pain, the longing and the loneliness. At least I know that me being there for them helps. We have always been a strong and close family, so we help each other. But yeah, I suppose what everyone says is true, you just have to learn to live with it.
Thank you for listening, who ever you are. I will stop ranting now.